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Window Cleaning

Hot or cold, rain or shine, windows always get dirty, so we’re always out cleaning them! Cleaning the windows on your house is not an easy task, especially when you have more than a few of them. Some windows are difficult to reach, some difficult to open and others are just difficult to clean. Quest For Clear has acquired the BEST professional tools and expert techniques necessary to tackle the job, so that YOU don’t have to spend hours or even days doing it yourself. 

Here is a list of various window cleaning services we offer:
  • Interior & Exterior windows
  • High windows, Vaulted windows, Mirrors
  • Sun rooms & Solariums 
  • Paint removal & Detailing 
  • Window sills
  • Window tracks
  • Interior Grid/Grille removal
  • Storm windows & Pella insert windows
  • Leaded glass or beveled glass windows
  • Low E coated and tinted windows
  • Specialty-shaped windows
  • Tempered glass windows
Screen Cleaning

Screen Cleaning

Screens can be such a pain! How do they come out? How do you clean them without bending or ripping one? How do you get them back in!? These are all very common questions, even from long time home owners. The screens on your windows can have many different shapes and styles, making it difficult to find where they go after cleaning them. We have years of experience hassling with screens and know the right techniques to get them cleaned, and placed back into your window with care.

Light fixtures

Miscellaneous Cleaning

While window cleaning is our main service, we can also help with other miscellaneous cleaning services such as coach light cleaning and ceiling fan dusting. Because we have specialty window cleaning equipment, we are able to reach some very tricky and high spots on the inside and outside of a home. Do you have high shelfs with dust laying all over them? Let us handle it!

Gutter Cleaning Cincinnati

Gutter Cleaning

An essential service for any homeowner. It’s likely that over time, your gutters will accumulate leaves and debris from overhead. Heavy, or prolonged rainfall can fill up your gutters with water to the top if the downspouts are clogged with debris. This causes the gutters to become extremely heavy and can possibly cause it to separate from the roof. Excess rain water can also enter the basement through the foundation of the house and cause massive damage if leaking or overflowing gutters are ignored. Better to be safe than sorry, schedule a gutter cleaning with us to ensure your home is working properly!

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