Hello and welcome! My name is Adam Turner and I am the owner of Quest for Clear Window Cleaning. I’ve been lucky to call Cincinnati home since 2013 after moving here from Columbus to pursue a degree in Business Administration at the University of Cincinnati.

     After moving to Cincinnati for college, I’ve had the opportunity to work for multiple Window Cleaning businesses here and in the surrounding areas. These opportunities have allowed me to observe and inspect the many practices of these businesses over the last several years.

     Coming from a different city where I previously received professional training to be a residential Window Cleaner, I noticed that was the very thing that the city of Cincinnati was lacking. Training is very important, especially when working in and around customer property. I believe this kind of training is what truly separates a professional from the rest.

     When I first became a Window Cleaner, I was trained to maintain a professional and positive attitude. The values I’ve learned have managed to stay with me through the years. Now those values have inspired me to introduce Cincinnati to Quest For Clear, a company that you can feel comfortable with inside of your home.

     Cincinnati needed a reliable residential window cleaning company, one that comes at an affordable rate, and with a friendly face. I’m here to give that to you!

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